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i've experienced this problem when i'm mashing uphill, regardless of what gear i am.
i've replaced bearing of my linkage (although they are due for replacement), issue not solved. replaced BB to CK (also due for replacement), issue still not solved!!!

so i asked a fellow rider to ride with me uphill and catch where the sound is coming from, both of them noticed it's coming from the back. so after the ride, i removed the cassette & greased the freehub & put some oil in the studs (purple arrow) that's holding the 42T & the rest of the cogs. and wha lah, no more creaking sound!

but after around 2 weeks, im starting to hear some slight creaking again, so last night i put oil on the studs, and no more noise. so my conclusion, the studs are the one making those creaking sound...
Yep, those studs are the culprits...this was the solution for me too. Also noteworthy, seems they are extra susceptible to creaking if you've replaced the large ring.

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