XG-1080 durability?

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  • 02-11-2013
    Ive had my XG-1080 cassette on my Jet 9 RDO for over 12 months and about 4000 kms with no issues and seems to be still in good condition.
  • 05-12-2013
    I purchased an XG-1080 in Jan 2012. I'd guess at 500 miles on it, cleaning and lubing drive-train every week or so. Last couple rides been noticing a bit of a creaking in a couple gears, so I inspected it today and found that 6th has a full chunk missing (tooth and bridge broken out) and 7th has one tooth tip missing. The missing teeth are about 60* apart, so one caused the other maybe? Searching turned up this thread, thanks for the encouragement to contact SRAM about it. I'll see what they say tomorrow.
  • 05-12-2013
    Good luck and please update us on what SRAM says about your claim. I have read issues about the 1080 and although the weight is really light, I knew there would be some sacrifices, so I purchased a 1070 cassette for my daily use and limit the use of the 1080 to weekends or races. So far so good. I have cringed on shifting under load so I have been training myself to shift before a climb, but sometimes you just don't have that choice.
  • 05-15-2013
    SRAM told me to take it to my LBS to be inspected and that they should handle any replacement through SRAM..
  • 05-22-2013
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    Took it my LBS, West End in Houston, who was really great about helping me even tho I bought the cassette online. However, it is 1.5years old, and thus out of warranty, so I'm stuck with a broken cassette. :-/
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  • 05-26-2013
    High Desert Norwegian
    I have switched to XT 10 speed stack. It is more heavy and it does not shift as well as my XX cog stack did, but its close enough. And I won't have to buy a new $350.00 cassette every 1 1/2 seasons.
  • 05-25-2016
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    Slightly under 2 years and mine broke. Looks like some of the other cogs were getting bent too. Shimano seems to be having really good sales now anyways. Attachment 1072383