Does anyone know where I can get more detailed O&M Manuals for SRAM/RockShox products?

Part of my job is to review O&M manuals for MEP equipment, and the SRAM manuals are LAUGHABLE compared to even the worst ones that I see.

Literally HALF of the Pike Manual is how to install/remove the front wheel! It also says dust seals and upper tube need to be lubed every ride. How about telling us how to do that! Or what kind of lube to use!

SRAM's 1x11 Rear der "manual" is a single sheet that is more of a codebook than a manual. And no maintenance tasks are given.

The Reverb manual tells you how to take it apart and put it back together.

I was just hoping that with the wide range of opinions on what "good" bike maintenance is, the manufacturers could give us something more definite...

/end rant