I recently discovered a loose pedal thread on drive side of my XX1 cranks. I discovered that MANY others have had this same issue with many different models of SRAM carbon cranks.

Today, I spoke to Alana at SRAM today. She confirmed that SRAM identified a problem in its carbon cranks: glue contamination between pedal lug and carbon crank arm. Alana admitted that SRAM is aware of this defect in SRAM Red, Force, XO1 and XX1 cranks.

I think (hope) that this is the cause of an annoying creak on my mtn bike. Today I took the bike into my LBS, they are sending it over to SRAM for warranty. SRAM agreed to pay the labor to R&R.

It could be quite dangerous if a crank breaks during a ride. I encourage you to check your pedal inserts (is the pedal to crank connection loose?) on your SRAM cranks.