Wondering if there is any difference between the Rock Shox SID 2013 and 2014 lowers. I thought I read that they had shaved some weight off the 2014 lowers, but I can't seem to find it again. Can't seem to find any good info. 2014 has some new internals which I want, but from what I have read the 2013 lowers where nice and stiff, and if the 2014 will be less stiff then I'll go 2013.

I had a wreck and scratched my stations (really just an excuse to buy a new shock). Currently running a Reba XX 120 29er. Looking at the RCT3 damper. I need better adjustments than what the XX can provide.

Also if you have any tips or suggestions let me know.

And I am becoming a bit of a weight weenie so yes I'm getting a SID, and I prefer Roch Shox, and I have tried Fox. Plus own all the tools and oil to do rebuilds on them.