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Thread: Pike issue

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    Pike issue

    Just bought a brand new 26" Pike 160mm.
    Installed it, set sag and took it for a spin in the driveway.

    Noticed the fork is topping out harshly.
    Everytime I lift the front wheel off the ground or unweight it there is 5-10mm of quick movement to top out. Like there it is lacking in oil in the damper.

    I have tried all the rebound settings and low speed compression. It does get better when rebound is at slowest setting but still clonks.

    Any suggestions (sram??) or anyone else had a similar experience, searched the net and cant find anything. Very very bummed after such glowing review.


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    just incase anyone else has the same issue I found some others at the bottom of this thread.
    Pike 2014

    seems to be shitty bushings

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