I recently put a Pike Solo RCT3 26" on my new Enduro and it seems like the pressure has to run pretty low to get the sag right. According to the fork leg, for my weight I should be running about 65 psi. At 65 psi I'm at about 12% sag, if I bring the pressure down to around 57-60 I get the sag close to 20% but then I bottom the fork out on the bigger hits so I can't take the pressure down anymore. I've since added 1 volume spacer and my pressure is around 45 psi and sag is about 25%. It seems to be "ok" now but I'd like to get the sag closer to 28% but I feel like the air pressure is already so low. Basically what I'm asking (in a very long way) is it typical to run pressure that low on theses Pikes?