The older Giant NRS/XTC uses a "no sag" setup, does the leverage ratio consideration change when selecting a rear shock?? Do things change because there is no sag and NRS frame design?

The suspension travel is rated at 3.75". The 165mm shock has ~1.5" travel. The calculated leverage ratio is 2.5.

At the same time, most bikes are set up to have some sag. With NRS, one inflates the rear shock to the point of no sag.

For the Rockshox operating with a LR of 2.5, it would be a medium (RT3) or "B" (4.2) compression tune. At the same time, would it be more difficult/take more force to overcome NRS and no sag, therefore one should select a "A" or "low" tune (since NRS is handling some of the platform function)?? That is to day, even with a 2.5 LR, requiring a medium tune, would a low tune (less platform) work better in an NRS frame?

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept. I'd appreciate some help.