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    Durability of Truvativ Stylo Carbon GXP Crankset

    Does anyone have experience with the Truvativ Stylo Carbon GXP Cranks? How durable are they? I'm an East Coast rider and my local trails are very rocky. I'm not someone that is typically hard on equipment, but usually over a couple of riding seasons the finish gets worn off the tips of my crank arms from hitting rocks that I didn't see. How impact resistant are the carbon fibers, especially on the tips of the crank arms?

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    I am not sure about the TruVativ ones although you may also want to post on the Trek boards because the Bontraiger ones are just rebadged TruVativs but the FSA ones that Cannondale speced on last years high end bikes are suprisingly durable. I personally do not own a set but did work with one of the demo guys for a few events in the mid-west and those bikes get beat on and after getting 10-20 pedal changes a day 3-6 times a week each the cranks held up really well. I would have figured that the carbon ones would have broke about 6 weeks into the demo and would have been replaced by aluminum ones. Working with the demo guys you will really get to know what holds up and what doesn't becaus they deal with it every day and parts that really get be down. The same can be told about rental car mechanics. Just lauched V2.0 with free shipping and low prices!

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    I have the FSA K-force externall BB carbon cranks which look to be nearly identical to the Truvativ.

    Aside from cosmetics, they've held up very well over the past 6 months through extremely rocky conditions in Colorado & Utah.

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