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    Does the 150mm Reverb Stealth in 30.9(!)mm actually exist?
    Hi all,

    I currently have a 380mm Reverb in 30.9mm diameter. I'd love to go one frame size smaller and also to internal routing. AND up the Reverb travel to 150mm. :)

    In last years press release I found a 30.9mm 150mm Reverb with 430mm overall length. That'd be ideal for me.

    Rock Shox Reverb and Reverb Stealth Updates – Form Follows Function | Mountain Bike Review

    I also found several online shops who have that option listed, although always not actually available.

    SRAMS website however says, that the 150mm option is only available in 31,6 and 34,9mm diameter.

    The 30.9mm diameter therefore would be available in 420mm length and 125mm travel only.

    I'd love to know what is actually correct.
    And if the 150mm option isn't available right now, if the 2014 upgrades (which were published recently, as far as I understand) include a 150mm 30.9mm Reverb.

    I'd be really, really thankful for any information.

    Greetings and thanks

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    You are correct. The 30.9 Reverb Stealth is only available in 125mm travel, in 380mm or 420mm length. The 150mm version is only available in the 31.6 and 34.9 in 430mm.
  • 04-11-2013
    BTI has it listed, but it is out of stock:

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    Also interested in a 150 drop for a 30.9 seat tube. Surely by now there should be more info about this, but couldn't find it.
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    Originally Posted by couveland View Post
    Also interested in a 150 drop for a 30.9 seat tube. Surely by now there should be more info about this, but couldn't find it.


    I talked to the SRAM people at Eurobike this year. They said that there were a couple of 150mm 30.9mm Reverbs actually delivered to some end-users. But they werenŽt reliable and clamping forces were an issue.
    They were therefore discontinued and come only in the 31,6 and 34,9mm as 150mm models.


    IŽd take a good look at the Kind Shox LEV integra, which is supposed to be reliable and comes in 150mm and 30.9mm...

  • 10-12-2013
    Thanks for the info and the tip , both useful. Obviously I'd heard about the Lev but for some reason thought that Reverb was the way to go. After some research it now seems to me that Lev might actually have fewer compromises for my needs.

  • 02-07-2014
    I'm running this elusive post. I had one fail on me and sent back to Sram to fix but they wouldn't, and sent a new one with 125mm travel. I then found the last one at the Canadian distributor and snatched it up. It's been running fine through one season of use. I also have a friend running the same without issue.