I know some of you folks know A LOT about various years of Specialized bikes, and wanted to pick your brains... I sort of impulse bought a '10 S works Stumpjumper 29 HT and it has the S works cranks on it (haven't actually seen the bike yet but that's what photos show). I've really been enjoying running 1x10 or XX1 and hoped it would be possible to do with a spiderless chainring option on this Stumpy. I emailed Wolf Tooth Components and they said a spiderless chainring for the Lightning (and S works?) cranks is in the works and they'll be ready to ship in few weeks: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wolf-...55112457987558

So is this chainring going to work with the '10 S works cranks, or am I getting my hopes up in vain? Thank you in advance for applying your massive knowledge to this puny problem!