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    What's wrong with the 2014 rockhopper?!?!

    I bought the 2014 rockhopper at the beginning of the summer i wanna say June 28th that was the first day of summer for me. I'm a high school student so for $1000 is some pretty hard work and 100+ hours at the restaurant I work at. Just to put it into perspective of how hard I worked for it. I fell in love with it the first time I rode it. Then it happened... It started to get slowly worse and worse. First it was the front derailleur... No big deal fixed it myself then it was everything else the rear derailleur, the free wheel, the bearing and the brakes. I'd like to point out that I lube the it after every ride and wash it I'd say every 2-3 rides. I've had two months yep two months. It's literally falling apart. I'm thoroughly disappointed with the durability of the rockhopper. I may never buy another specialized for that reason. When there isn't anything wrong with the bike man does it ride and is it ever fun but the question is WHEN. I may switch to another bike company which is unfortunate but I'm not buying another bike that they aren't going to let me return $1000. I don't mind paying that much but I do expect better the what I received. It's VERY frustrating seeing that's about a months pay for me. So no more specialized for me...

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    That's terrible to hear, and must be frustrating as all get out. For fun I rode a 2014 Rhopper a few weeks ago myself, and it was a fun bike. It flew. I can see why you like it, I did too.
    But bring this one back to the place you bought it (if you bought it at a store) and tell them what you just wrote here. See what they say. Specialized prides themselves on quality, so they should be surprised. Good luck!
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    What exactly is "falling apart"?
    Cable stretch happens on new bikes, so most shops give you a free tuneup and ask you bring it back to be adjusted sometime in the first 60 days. Happens with all bikes, not just Specialized.

    How are you washing your bike? If your hosing it down you could be washing out the grease and that in the bearings and causing issues there too.
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