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    What would you upgrade on 2010 SJ 26" Elite?

    Love my test rides of 2010 SJ. The brain (on Expert) is great but not worth $500 over Triad (on Elite) to me. Would rather put the $500 into swap-out upgrades - better components or rims or lighter. What would you do to upgrade the Elite in lieu of going with the Brain?

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    SLX or XT crank and Joplin seatpost or a set of wheels, like Hope hoops with convertible hubs.

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    I think the same thing. The Triad is fine. Thats what I am doing.

    $500 for me equals:
    -Command Post
    -Ergo Grips


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    As I like to say - LX cassettes on $3,000 bikes make baby jesus cry. So, 1st thing is to get an XT cassette and drop 100 grams off your back wheel. While you're at it you might also consider shitcanning that boat anchor/pos of a rear hub and re-build the rear wheel with something nice like a hope or dt340 - that will save you another 100 grams, roughly.

    Swapping out the crankset might not be the most cost effective upgrade if you consider grams saved per dollars spent. The little ring and possibly the middle ring on the stock crank might be steel, check them with a magnet and replace with aluminum rings.

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