Question to Jakewake , after reading the thread about the enduro upgrade I was wondering if Fox will have a DHX air for the 4cross bike . Do you know ? Also , you say that the SX can not have a shock swap with the over bikes , after comparing my SX and a friend SX trail , they are the same frame except for the seat tube area that is longer on the SX trail . I know swaping the shock will get me longer travel but I was just curious to see if I can do it , it could be a nice option to be able to change travel depending on the need you have . Let me know if there's a reason I should not try that . As for the air shock on my bike , I'm not to please with , the rebound dial never work , all in or all out is the same and I'm lucky it is at the right setting , and at max pressure it's still a little to soft even for guys that are lighter than me for 4cross . Hope FOX will have something for it . As for the frame itself , it is simply AMAZING , the best bike ever ( with my Demo9 ... yes I'm all specialized ... sellout ) Thank to you guys at Spec for making such a great product , just make sure the parts you get outside are up to your quality . And thanks to you Jakewake to take the time to answer our questions , that is great .