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    Trouble removing cassette (2017 6fattie)

    I've removed cassettes many times from my other 3 bikes, but no luck with my 2017 6fattie. The cassette tool fits fine. I apply chain whip to cassette and a large wrench to the cassette tool, and but cannot get the cassette to loosen. Stopped trying because I'm worried about doing some damage to the wheelset or to myself. Is there something different about these hubs? Any ideas what I should try? Thanks.

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    Lefty loosey, Righty tighty?

    Shimano or SRAM XD?
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    No, there is nothing different about the cassette. Someone just tightened the hell out of it. It has happened to me before on a new bike. I had to use a breaker bar. If you are afraid of breaking something, take it to a shop. They will do the same thing, but charge you for it. Except that you have the piece of mind knowing that if they bust something, they will have to take care of it.
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    ^^ This is correct.
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    Mine was so tight I broke the wrench and cassette tool and then cassette, I needed a new cassette anyway. They just get super tight for some reason. I'd take it in and let them break it, lol

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    I recommend pedro's vise whip pliers

    if you could get the cassette tool in a vise that might help too

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