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    Ti Skewers on Suspension bikes?

    I think they used to not recommend it but, when I look at the pros bikes now they seem to use them. Todd Wells and I think Kulhavy have them on the bikes shown on What do you guys think? Any reason not to? Not as stiff? Thanks!

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    Roval SL 29's come with ti quick releases/w caps, (front) no end caps for the 9mm through axle.
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    I've had them on my last two F/S bikes (DT Swiss RWS Ti Mtn QRs) and never had an issue but I am not an abusive rider.

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    The theory is that when stainless steel fails it bends. When Ti skewers fail they snap and thus the potential to loose a wheel is greater. I run Ti skewers on my Stumpy but going to make the move to stainless. I'd hate to come off a drop and have my wheel fall out from underneath me.

    Not an issue for race bikes but for more aggressive riding they don't recommend them.

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    I've never heard of a Ti skewer breaking, has anyone?

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