I posted this question first in the Santa Cruz forum, 38 views and no responses, so I will try here.

I'm considering getting a Blur XC size small frame to replace my wife's 2004 Stumpy FSR 100 which I have built up as light as possible for her.

The Stumpy has been a big improvement over her former bike, (a Trek WSD 8000 hardtail) and we got a great deal on it slightly used. She was looking at Julianas and Blurs before we found the Stumpy and decided to get it for economic reasons.

Now that we both have been on FS bikes for awhile, we have a better clue about what we want. I am very happy with my 2005 FSR 120 (except for the Septune, but that's a different thread.)

The FSR fits her well, and she has enjoyed the bike, but I think the frame is a bit overbuilt for her. Also, it seemed like she was between sizes on the Santa Cruz bikes when we first looked at them, but the Blur XC seems to have slightly different geometry and the small looks like it would fit her well.

She is 5"7" about 115-120 fully clothed with a camelb*k and not an aggressive rider. We ride twisty single track- she is a good climber and a cautious descender.

Is there anyone out there who can compare the Stumpy FSR (2004 version) to the Blur XC? How much less does the Blur XC frame weigh, compared to the Stumpjumper? What kind of differences in handling could we expect? Any other considerations?

Thanks in advance for any advice.