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    Stumpjumper 29 Evo

    I demoed Enduro 29, love at first sight.But I also know that this bike is too much bike 95% of the time, and a lighter slightly less travel bike will probably be more appropriate (bay area).

    Which leads to the next bike in the lineup, ST Evo 29. The problem is that I can't find a demo day around here. I would easily get it bind, but the 1 inch longer chain stay is little concerning. I wish specialized made an Enduro with little bit less travel but exactly the same Geo.

    I love the playfulness and balls out of the Enduro. Is the ST Evo a match? I know that in terms of speed it would be. But is it as much fun bike? In terms of high speed cornering, jumps, drops, rough terrain, etc, how far it is behind the enduro? I love how easy it is to lift the front wheel on the Enduro, the longer back of the ST got me worried.

    What do you guys think? I know that no one will ever recommend getting a bike blind, but some feedback from those who rode both is welcome.

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    10mm lower BB, 15mm on the rear centre, only half a degree stepper head angle.

    The SJ is a much more stable bike, climbs better, more balanced front/rear grip levels and suspension spring rates, not as easy to manual, not as easy to manoeuvre at slow speed.

    Quite different bikes. The E29 rides more like an older 650b bike than a 29". I love the geometry of the SJ Evo but if you like the E29 I would stick with it regardless of the travel.

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    Good review of both bikes in the review section.

    I am not qualified to really compare the 2 bikes. I bought my stumpy evo to be a "beefed up" trail bike for my size, I ride more "camber" than "enduro".

    The evo is not twitchy by any measure, but it is quick in the corners.
    2014 Stumpjumper FSR 29er evo. XXL.

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