I heard the riders saying thanks to their sponsors and mentioning Specialized bikes/bicycles, these are the best SX/MX riders in the world.

Supercross is Specialized
Posted on January 19, 2012 by admin
More and more supercross riders are turning to cycling for intensive cross-training to improve and maintain their fitness. That includes Ryan Villopoto, the sport’s number one rider. And what does Villopoto train on? Specialized road and mountain bikes of course.

Villopoto won supercross’ biggest prize in 2011, the Supercross class championship, and started 2012 with the coveted No. 1 plate on his Kawasaki and Specialized bikes.

“Racing motorcycles requires a lot of fitness, and riding bicycles is for sure the best way of cardio training for us; it’s low impact and still ties me in on the two wheels and provides the necessary training to carry over to the motorcycle,” Villopoto said.

“I ride Specialized because I believe they have the most advanced bikes and equipment out there. I am blessed to ride the top-of-the-line factory motorcycles, and to have the same top-line bicycles to train on is truly unreal.”

This year, Specialized is sponsoring Villopoto, the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team, and the Lucas Oil/Troy Lee/Honda Team.

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