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    New question here. Specialized Lo-pro mag 2 flat pedals, WTF?

    I own some specialized lo-pro mag 2 pedals, I've got less than a year of occasional use on them and I love the feel and shape of them....A while back they started getting sloppy. I pulled them apart and stuffed grease inside once or twice, but now they are really in need of new guts.

    So I called specialized and looked on their web store, no small parts for these pedals. The guy I spoke with when I called specialized said "They just use normal bearings, pull them apart and you should be able to buy them at any hardware store that sells bearings".

    "great, do you know what size?"

    "No, sorry".

    Okay, so now I pull the pedals apart and take a closer look. The pedal spins on a single bearing on each side, they are both in fine shape. The pedal itself (and all rider weight) rests on pressed in DU bushings, which are where the slop is coming from. Looks like 2 per pedal.

    Has anybody successfully rebuilt these pedals?

    I am pretty disapointed with specialized support on these, considering they retail for $79.95.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FM
    I've got less than a year of occasional use on them
    call in and ask for an RMA, they should still be under warranty and hopefully you'll get the new improved version.

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    FAT chance on the warranty. I asked and was told that's normal wear and tear (after mine got sloppy at 6-7 months). I have the original Lo-Pro Mags--not the Mag 2s. The originals have one bearing on the outboard side and a DU on the inboard side. I thought the Mag 2s had fancy cartridge/needle bearings all the way around. Sounds like you have the originals just like mine. If you figure out how to pull the DU out it can likely be replaced easily with an after-market. The problem is that it's pressed into a recess that makes it completely flush with the pedal once it's installed. There's no edge to grab onto with a punch to knock it out. Looks like it was designed as a use it until it wears out then throw it away pedal. Too bad 'cause I like the pedal other than the slop.

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