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    Specialized Brain Service - Shock Returned with Damaged Damper Body...

    I just got back my rear shock assembly from my 2012 StumpJumper FSR. It was overdue for an overhaul - the brain platform had become weak and the air sleeve seals were beginning to fail. Anyhow, I dropped it off at my LBS and requested a custom tune, which specialized of course calls the "S" tune, I was pretty excited about that. Today I got a phone call from the LBS that it had come in, so I went in and picked it up, but didn't really inspect it until I got home.

    The primary issue is that the surface of the damper body (stanchion), on which the inner seals slide, has been totally butchered by the technician who serviced it at Specialized. It was clearly put into a clamping device of sorts with a sharp edge and recklessly handled. It now has dents/gauges all over the surface of it - bad enough that I suspect it would cause seal issues pretty quickly.

    The second issue is purely cosmetic, and if it weren't for the physical damage to the unit I would have just let this slide - but it's just additional evidence of a careless and sloppy job. For whatever reason, the decals on the shock and the brain unit were replaced, but done so pretty carelessly as well. On the shock, the orientation is off by 90 so the labeling on it doesn't correspond to the components of the shock it's intended to, and the technician even made a note of that on the service report - yet he was too lazy to fix it. On the brain itself, it was put on crookedly so that a portion of the adhesive on the back is hanging off the top of it. That's just going to collect dirt and ultimately cause it to flap all over the place, at which point I would just end up taking it off. It reminds me of a Jeep I had that had bodywork performed at Maaco ("uh-oh! better get Maaco!"). They painted right over the weatherstripping and plastic moulding, and reinstalled the "JEEP" emblem crooked by about 10 degrees. Thing is, that was Maaco, everybody knows they do crappy work - but that's also what you pay for. Specialized, on the other hand, is supposed to be (yeah - I know this is opening a door for a lot of ridicule - I can handle it ) a superior product... it certainly is priced as such!

    Again - I really wouldn't have cared abut the stupid decals if it weren't for the real issue, but all of this combined makes me wonder just who they have working at the big S service center in Salt Lake City...

    I'm taking it back to my LBS tomorrow to get it taken care of, but it's irritating to have to wait 3 weeks to get a proprietary part serviced, only to have it come back in overall worse shape than it was before.

    Anyway - here's a couple photos of the damage. It doesn't look that bad in the photos, but you can easily feel the sharp edges and fact is, it wasn't there before.

    Specialized Brain Service - Shock Returned with Damaged Damper Body...-_dsc1146.jpgSpecialized Brain Service - Shock Returned with Damaged Damper Body...-_dsc1150.jpg
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    Re: Specialized Brain Service - Shock Returned with Damaged Damper Body...

    It must be amateur hour at Specialized. I just got my shock back that I had sent in from my 09 Epic. The metal tube for the hose to the Brain, coming out of the back of the stanchion, was replaced but it was bent the wrong way! So the hose will not route correctly. I guess i could get a pipe bender or something to try and correct it but is this what I paid for? I think it's going back to Specialized to be fixed.

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    Hello NoCoMTB, I came across your post and wanted to get in contact with you. I'm sorry for your less than positive shock service experience. Was your local bike shop able to get in contact with our warranty department about the damage? If not, let me know who your LBS is and I will have one of our dealer Reps contact them today so we can take care of this for you. I want to make sure this is remedied asap and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Tyler - thanks for your response. The problem has since been taken care of. My LBS sent the unit back the next day and I was contacted by Sasha, the manager of the suspension service department at Specialized, soon after that. He said that he would have never let something leave his department with any of issues posted above - so whether the QC guys were on vacation that day or this one just slipped through the cracks, he was as unhappy about it as I was, and said he held a meeting with both his technicians and the shipping department (where he thinks the damage may have been incurred) to ensure higher quality standards than what I initially experienced.

    Despite the frustrations and time involved with getting this all taken care of, Specialized (Sasha, namely) has gone above and beyond to remedy the issue - so I'm satisfied with the end result.

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