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    SJ FSR EXPERT Carbon 2011 BB questions

    Hey need some help on an issue with the BB on a friends 2011 SJ FSR EXPERT Carbon. Unfortunately in the just about 1.5 years he's had it he's never checked or serviced the BB. Everything was all right until his headset bearings went (whole 'nother story) and the bike sat for a few weeks waiting for them to come in. Now when I was putting the bike back up with the new headset bearings and doing a general once over for shifting etc I notice the cranks are damn stiff, so I ask him about it, he never noticed it and it gets easier once it's been ridden about the block, so we forget about it and head out for our first ride.

    Everything's fine for the first 2 downs and up, but on the last climb we start to hear a noise under load, so I check the cranks spinning and can feel the grittiness in the bearings and he drops it off by me. I remove the cranks and then dust seals on the bearings to see they're totally fvcked, check the manual and it says check B after 100 hours OR right after riding in heavy rain/water crossings and well, that's what we have 6 months of the year

    Anyways, the question is, looking for a solution/better alternative BB than the current one to run the GXP cranks and so far the Enduro one seems to be about the best I can find, has the sleeve to block water getting behind the bearings and into the seals etc - Anyone have any experience with this or other solutions?? Take it with the current SRAM PF30BB you can't just knock those bearings out and replace right? Still want a better solution than the stock though, just looking maybe for a quick fix until.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I ride in a lot of wet/muddy conditions and I just stuck with the standard SRAM GXP BB. It is fairly cheap and when I have my 2011 SJ I would swap the BB every 4-6 months. Friends of mine have tried all different sorts of BBs and they all seem to last about the same amount of time.

    One thing I do like to do is pop off the dust cover on the GXP and pack the area under it with grease and then put th edust cover back on. Seems to help it last longer.
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