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    Screech on Impact

    I'm riding a mostly stock stock 2012 Epic Expert Evo R with a 2013 carbon SL wheelset. When I get some air, not big air, just the kind of jumps you'll find on an XC trail, upon landing there is a screeching sound sometimes.

    I doubt that it would be from the fork. It doesn't really sound like the brake disc rubbing from flex, but that's been my suspicion since the pad clearance is minimal. Is there any chance it's from the front hub? The hub has a little play, but it's not adjustable and I've been told it's within tolerance by the LBS.

    Any ideas or similar experiences?

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    Are you running your fork on lock out? I have had some intresting noises come from bikes with forks locked out when taking hits. Even with higher compression setting this can happen.

    Either back the compression off or take it out of lock out and try it again.
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    No fork lockout. I run it open and fairly compliant.

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    Take the air out of the forks and the shock and cycle the suspension to the bump stops and see if the sound occurs. My guess is probably not, and the sound is probably coming from contact of the front wheel with the fork brace due to flex - or similar.

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