Hi Guys

I just built my FSR up an used a 118mm es71 BB with my holotech 1 xt cranks. There is a fair amount of gap between the crank and the BB ends. Should I be using a 113mm? my last bike the crank virtually touched the BB ends.

I chose the 118 as that is what the Comp uses, the sworks one has an XTR BB/Crank design, and says axle length 133.5mm because its holotech 2.

There is also a tick noise when powering out of the saddle...i have copper slipped the BB threads, the spline, the chain ring bolts. It still ticks if i load the left crank with out the right crank fitted. i loosened the front mech clamp, no difference when loose. doe it with the seat post out.

Is this a side effect of the long axle having longer leverage....i can't see a few mm and my puny strength making it tick though! I need a stethescope,...I hate creaks and ticks! lol.