I know there has been a few threads on this subject, but I'm excited about my new shock and I've never started a thread here, so........

This is my bike, '05 Stumpy Ex 120. It sees a lot of good action on the Front Range

Unfortunately, the bike came with a not-so-well designed rear shock, the Septune (Similar to the Triad, but 7 useless positions instead of 3). This shock has failed (sucked in) 4 times over 2 & 1/2 years, even after it was pushed. This has left me hangin on some long rides. So, with Moab trips looming, I decided to upgrade and relieve the worry in the back of mind the Septune gave me.
After reading some threads on the Subject, I learned I could swap it with a RP23 meant for a Cannondale Rush. Thanks for the info, all. Off to the local Cannondale dealer I went.
New RP23.jpg

Had to have the LBS swap the bushings as my tools are limited. But it went easy
Last check by Tuxedo before on corkin the shock...
Tuxedo RP23.jpg

Bottom line.. after 1 urban in my hood on my local track. I was impressed. I am 190lbs and I set the RP23 at 180psi. The adjustments actually make the shock function differently (as opposed to the Septune).
But the thing I noticed the most, was how SMOOTHE it was. The Septune seemed a bit sticky, with some hesitant points. It really showed when riding on the back wheel, it was soooo much easier with the RP23. Easier to react to, butta baby. It moved smoothe...and it handled a beating. I rammed the double set of stairs at the local school over and over.....It kept cryin for more, I guess I will have to feed it now.