Dear all Specialized lovers,
I have an Epic S-works 2007 (carbon frame) and I would like to change the dual bolt clamp with a quick release one. Is it possible?
I have heard different opinions. Some shops "no problem", others say it is not possible because the carbon frame from of this Epic does not allow it.

I also use this bike down tricky tracks and the possibility to easily and quickly lower the seat would be great. I'm new to carbon frame and I'm always afraid I could crack it if I don't use the torque moment (4-5 Nm for the seat post clamp).
Why are all other carbon frames from other brands equipped with normal quick releases?
My alternatives are (your suggestions are here welcome):
- using a wrench key and "learn by feeling" the correct torque force (that's a bit slow when everybody lower the seat in 3 sec)
- using an adjustable seat post (it's damn heavy and you can only play with 8 cm I think)
- fix a piece of seat post (10 cm) using the dual bolt clamp, installing a quick release on that piece of seat post and then using a smaller seat post (for the 30.9 mm outer diameter of the specy seatposts the inner diameter would be 26.6 mm)
Thanks for your suggestions!