I own a 2003 Specialized Rockhopper that I use primarily for park, trail, and road rides; I keep my bike in showroom condition at all times. I recently had it shipped across country after being packed by a local Specialized dealer. Upon arrival, the downtube was abraded down to the aluminum from a wheel being carelessly packed next to it without padding. On the other side of the downtube was a shallow, but large dent. Neither of these damages was present upon presentation to the Specialized dealer who packed it. Once it arrived, I called the dealer who said I was basically SOL.

During the winter, I'd like to have the bike restored to original condition. I've heard that the dent cannot be removed. I was also told that for a price, the frame could be stripped in that area and "Bondo" applied to correct the dent, prior to painting. Two questions: 1. can the frame be repaired and restored to original condition? 2. any known reputable bike shops or bike painters( phone number and address?)that could do this restoration? I'd be willing to ship the bike across country, once properly packed, to get this work done.

Any thoughts on this, and names, addresses, phone numbers of anyone capable of this restoration would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.