Hello, I picked up a 2002 FSR comp for a really good price. Too good to be true! I later found that the seat post had caused a major dent in the air sleeve of the fox Float RL rear shock. The model is 6" eye to eye with 1.25 travel. After some work I was able to get the sleeve off. I see two settings on the back of the linkage of my new bike. One has a setting for 75mm and the other for 90mm can someone who is familiar with specialized please fill me in on these two settings? I understand its for travel but if you have the same shock wouldn't all travel be the same? Which brings me to my next question- I am going to call Fox today to see if they still have replacement air sleeves for this older model. If they don't have any, can I upgrade to a 6.5 eye to eye with 1.5 travel and maybe use the linkage in the frame to adjust?