Hi there, I'm real close to my personal fitness goals, and my present to myself is going to be a 'new to me' bike. I currently ride an OLD Specialized hardtail with 2" fork which weighs ~30 pounds, and want to move to a good solid (and not any heavier) full suspension bike. My riding will not really change, same trails, just looking for a little more comfort from the rocks and horse hoof divots in my increasingly old age...

In my research so far, I've decided I really want a Horst Link bike. I've looked a little at older AMP's, Turner's and Jamis bikes, but think I'll stick with a used Specialized due to avaliability, price, and parts supply.

I think I've settled on finding a used Stumpjumper FSR, years 2001-2003. From what I can tell, these are the first years that they used full bearings in the rear end, they are new enough to have mostly current parts, and are in my price range (under $1k) even after adding a few upgrades.

Does this sound reasonable? Also, what is the difference between a Stumpjumper and a standard FSR, or an Enduro model in that same age range (there seem to be a lot of both of these too out there)? Are the frames the same, and it's just component differences, or is the SJ frame actually different?

I'd prefer to buy a really good frame, even if it means upgrading some components later. I'm just not sure of the differences out there. Is there anywhere online that has a history timeline of the FSR designs? There are so many models and changes, it's hard to tell what's what, expecially when looking used.

Thanks for the help!