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    Observations on DB Air IL and Enduro 29 (v1)

    Received a new DB Air IL from Cane Creek for my 2014 E29 a couple weeks ago and now have a few rides in on it. It was an upgrade replacement for my DB Inline. Thought I'd throw out a few observations for anyone that cares.

    The shock came with no volume spacers, so I put in 1.5 large spacers. I was running the maximum number of spacers that would fit in my DB Inline. BTW, there is more room for spacers in the new (larger) air can. I could have put more in there if needed. The air can was significantly more difficult to remove due to tight seals. It was a real struggle to get off. Definitely not an on-the-bike operation.

    I had to put 50 psi more pressure to get the same sag as my DB Inline!! Seemed crazy, but it feels good out on the trail. The shock feels largely the same as the old DB Inline with a couple of differences. First, the shock's initial stroke seems smoother and more willing to get into it's travel. Second, it seems to resist bottom out more easily with few spacers. Guess that could be due to the increased air pressure that's needed. That's all for now. I'll report back as I get it micro-tuned.

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    Some interesting observation as a friend of mine just got a DB Air IL. A larger air can will need proportionately large volume spacers to have the same effect. Pressure to obtain a given sag depends on the volume of the positive and negative chambers and the effective piston area in each, so can vary quite a bit between different seemingly similar shocks.

    Oops. Never mind. He got a DB Air CS, not the IL.
    Do the math.

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    OP, have you tried running the new IL with the 650 link yet? If so, does it offer any better clearance than the previous inline?

    I'm thinking about picking up a 200x57 IL and a BikeYoke replacement if the Enduro-specific IL doesn't work with my Medium frame.

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