I just purchased one of these today off CL, decent condition and a decent price. I would like to get some of yall's insight though on making some reasonable upgrades. I have also used searches but most are not applicable to my bike or a few years old. I will be doing a majority of my riding around the DFW, TX area and some trips to the Arkansas Ozark and Ouchita mountains.

First, I need to replace the rear shock. The X-Fusion 02 RLA is pretty weak now. I would like to stay under $300 for this upgrade. Size is 6.5x1.5" 100mm travel. Thinking about the Fox Float CTD but open to suggestions.

Second, I pretty much have my mind made up but I am looking at replacing the rim brakes with BB7's. Any input would be appreciated.

Third, the front fork RockShox J3 100MM is probably the weakest link of all. Whats the best upgrade for this staying under $350 for this upgrade?

Thanks for the suggestions!