I have an old 2000/2001 Specialized FSR Comp that I have ridden for a very long time. It has been a great bike, and I've kept it in top shape with small upgrades here and there.

Here is a very old pic of it. Just try to imagine it now a days without the riser stem (needed it due to a broken colar bone at the time), and the ridiculous mud flaps.

Its been upgraded since then with easton carbon fiber handlebars/stems, yellow/black carbon race face cranks, yellow/black tires, even a gold king cane headset...lol

well, the time has come to replace the front shocks, an old Judy racing air spring (i think). Its pretty much beyond rebuilding, that and I dont feel like doing it or paying for it to be done.

So i'm looking for a brand new shock around 3-4" of travel, 1 and 1/8 headtube, 26" wheel. would be nice to keep the color scheme...but not a big deal. i want to keep this bike going another 5 years hopefully so i can pass it down or get some good resale on it since the hayes disc breaks are just as good as the new ones that come out today.

I've got my eye on those new FSR's which i have been drooling over, but probably not for another year.

any suggestions on what to do? i'm not into big jumps or any urban park stuff, just some nice single track, up and downhill, and some cross country.