I have an 04 SJ, 6 months ago the bike developed a "Tick" that was inconsistant w/cycling thru the suspension or loading the pedals. It went back to the LBS 5 times in which among other than regreasing and tightening evey bolt, they refaced the head tube and bottom bracket. Tick still there. I personally went thru the bike multiple times including totally disassembling the fsr linkage. Putting the bike together I noticed that w/o the shock link installed the seat and chainstays where off to the drive side just a bit and I had to pull the linkage towards center to make the shock link fit, I told the LBS and they said it was fine. Still "tick".

Fast forward six months to today after redoing the bearings I find that reinstalling the shock link to the stays they are still off to the drive side, maybe a little more than the last time. I dont know what this means and I wont know if redoing the bearings helped the tick until I ride tomorrow.

Has anybody else notice their linkage to be off center? My 02 Enduro was perfectly straight and never suffered from creaking.