Hi all,

I think I may have some good advice for those of us who have been experiencing some clunking and creaking noise on the e150 fork. I have had a weird creak (feels and sounds like a loose headset) since I bought the bike, and after reading all the concerns people are having with it I figured I would do some research.

I called specialized and asked them what they thought about the creaking and clunking, the rep told me that incorrect torque specs were given to the dealers for the triple clamp pinch bolts. The bolts that clamp the sanchions on the upper and lower triple clamps (or sometimes referred to as "crowns") should be torqued at 75 INCH pounds, not the published 50 INCH pounds. Furthermore, it seems some shops have not been applying enough grease to the inside of the clamps.

I went to my specialized dealer and got some useful info as well. The service rep recomended I grease the handle bar fitting on both the stem side and the fastening plate as well. He recomended I torque the hande bar bolts to 80 INCH pounds. I also asked the rep if it was normal for the fork to make a pop noise when being compressed to the "climb" mode and according to him it is just air equalizing in the chamber.

Long story short I went home, took apart the front end to find that indeed the bolts were not torqued to 75 pounds and that barely any grease was used on the sancion clamps. I did as I was instructed and the creaking and clunking noises are gone. I used bel-ray waterproof grease, commonly used on motorcycles and boats. I went outside I did a bunch of wheelies and jumped some curbs to make sure and not a peep was heard.

Even if the creaking comes back atleast I will know that it is coming from the sanchion clamps not the fork internals.

Another usefull piece of info I found is your high pressure pump guage will read approximately 10 PSI lower than the actual pressure in the shocks chamber (before you attached the pump) due to air entering the pump hose lowering the overall psi. I had thought that i was loosing about 5 to 10 psi between checks.

Hope this helps.