I need a set of Roval Control Carbon 15mm endcaps for a new bike that will be here soon. Spesh says these are sold out until January.

Does anyone have a set?

Does anyone know a dealer that has a set?

My dealer would give me the caps for the wheelset they have in stock but the PN on the endcaps in the wheelset do not match the PN that Spesh gave them so they don't want to get stuck with a wrong set of endcaps. Can't really blame them....

Do any other wheels such as the SL and Trail Carbons have the same endcaps, I would think so but not 100%...

Spesh is absolutely no help....

Spesh says the PN is S125900011
The PN on the wheelset is S1259000xx(forgot the last two #'s, but different than 11).

Any help is much appreciated, can paypal the funds ASAP.