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    Help me finish my bike!

    I've been building it piece by piece for about a year. Started life as a 2005 Hardrock Pro, now it's a hodge podge of parts centered on an 05 Stumpy FSR Expert frame. I'm a college student and I only have a summer job. What with Spring coming, I'll be working again in March and come May I'll finally have the cash to finish building this bike the way I want. I need some suggestions though on parts to buy (cabin fever's got me bored).

    Here's the bike as it stands:

    2005 Stumpy FSR Expert frame (w/Fox Triad, 100mm travel)
    Fox F100RL (needs to be rebuilt)
    Avid BB7s w/ Speed Dial 7 levers (160mm roundagons F&R)
    FSA FR-200 stem
    Azonic Accelerator Pedals
    Spec. Resolutions (26 x 2.1)
    XT crankset
    XT cassette
    XT FD
    Deore LX chain
    Deore RD
    Deore shifters
    Sun Ditchwitch rims laced to Joytech hubs w/stock skewers
    Stock bars, seat, seatpost, seatpost collar

    Everything below the line is getting swapped out. I'm also planning on upgrading the rotors to Cleansweeps, and throwing on a 185mm rotor in the front.

    The bike weighs just under 31#s right now. By my math the wheelset weights 2916g. I ride something in between XC and AM and I'm by no means smooth. I want a wheelset that can handle that type of abuse (I'm 5'11" 165#) and still weighs in under 1900g. I've been looking at the Mavic Crosstrails (1820g, ~$470), but it seems like I can get more for my money. I want the wheelset to be UST tubeless ready (I ride with tubes, but I'd like the ability to change in the future) and I'm looking to spend less than $500 (very firm on this). I'm open to both purchasing a wheelset online, or having one custom built, assuming it fits my price range. I'll probably buy a set of red Hope or Salsa skewers to add some bling.

    I'm thinking I'll go with an SRAM X.9 shifter/dérailleur combo. I've heard very good things about SRAM and I want to give it a try.

    As far as bars are concerned, I like the ones I've got, but I can probably drop some weight off them. According to Spec. they've got 38mm of rise and 9 degrees of sweep. I refuse to buy carbon bars, so I'm looking for a lighter aluminum set. Thinking maybe something in white.

    My seat and seatpost together weigh in at 760g if my scale is correct, so they need to go as well. The seatpost is pretty straightforward: straight post, 30.9mm diameter. The seat is a Spec. BG seat. I like it, but it is heavy. This is my do-everything bike, meaning everything from trailriding, to the occasional race, to riding around town and even commuting to work sometimes, so it needs to be comfortable.

    Style-wise I plan on swapping out the black cable housing for white cable housing, and a white set of bars would fit nicely. White rims/hubs would be pretty trick but I'm pretty specific in that area, so maybe not.

    Thanks, Chris
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    mmm i dont know too much about wheels, my first choice would be the mavic crosstrails but your ruling those out, a friend of mine has the new crosstrails on his 07 stumpjumper elite and they look incredible, they look even better than my 08 crossmax SLs on my epic, you cant go wrong with the X9 set up, i had an X9 RD and X7 shifters on my epic and they were flawless, i only went XTR to save weight, the specalized rival saddle is quite light and still comfortable, its a good way to go if you want to save some weight still have comfort and do it cheap, i have a KCNC tri pro lite seat post that weighs 160 grams, its super light good quality and not that expensive, i also have a KCNC seatpost collar that weighs in at 15 grams, the stock specialized one weighed 30, thats all i can tell you really, nice bike by the way

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    I would go with a custom built set. Try one of the custom online wheelbuilders. The best price I have found was Mike Garcia
    at website currently under construction, but you can call him. He is super helpful, tell him what you want and he will hook you up. He builds wheels, that's all.

    I'm same height and weight as you.

    I have had two sets built from him. A super light set of WTB hubs with Velicity rims and my last set an all mountail set of DT 5.1 , Hope Pro II. Both were built with alloy nipples and DT super comp spokes. Both set have held up very well and both have been converted to tubless successfully. The Velocity was converted with a stans strip and Specialized Roll X 2bliss and the DT was converted with the DT system and Kenda Blue Groove and Nevegal. Another thread. The only reason I bought a new set from him is building more of a all mountain bike rather than a XC bike. The Velocity wheels held up very good with very minimal truing, but I found myself holding back on the trail because I didn't want to ruin them.

    Mavic 819 would be a good choice if you don't want to fool around with a tubless conversion.

    Mike can keep you in your buget and build you an awsome set of wheels.

    A few notes on your other parts.

    The fork is an easy fix, new seals and oil, you can do that yourself.

    Carbon bars are fine for your weight and a good way to drop weight.

    Stick with a Specialized seat, but go with the new BG versions to drop some weight. That's the saddle I use, not the lightest but comfy.

    Thompson post and stem, check ebay for deals or I just picked up a new Thompson stem from a guy who sells any size for $60. shipped. I had to wait two weeks but I got it at a liller deal. He might be able to get a post but I didn't ask.

    Note: your post is a set back post, if your saddle position is good, keep that in mind when buying a new one. If you need to go forward (if you saddle is slide forward now) then you might want a straight post to put your saddle back in the middle of the rails.

    Shifter and deraileur, look here, this guy had a preety good deal on 08 XT shifter/deraileur combo, don't know if it's still availible but try to contact him. There are plenty of combo deals on eBay, just search.

    Your bike looks good and it will be a nice ride when you get done. You will probably have another $750. - $1000. in the upgrades, depending on the deals you get.
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    Hope pro II hubs laced to Mavic 819 is the way to go. I've owned King, XTR, Crossmax, and some off the wall builds, and I like this one over them all. Check out as well.

    For some sick lookin' white bars, check out Deity. I dont run carbon bars myself, after a rough crash involving their breakage being the reason.

    Saddle wise- Through the years I've always liked Selle Italia. Wear well and are very comfortable. I like Brooks as well.

    Jagwire can hook you up on cables as well. They offer many different colors to choose from.

    Post- I've used the same Thomson post on 3 frames, if thats not sayin' somethin.

    Drivetrain- Before you go to the darkside with SRAM, ride something with the new XT stuff, which is at par with the X-9 your looking into. I run all XTR, but their isn't much difference between the two. The new XT Shadow is pretty sweet.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I'm coming closer to knowing what I want to do with this bike. Forgot to mention before that I've already upgraded the bottle cage to a CF one. Also I'm planning on copping a set of Enduro fork seals when I do the fork (cause the stock ones suck).

    Found a set of white skewers at Universal Cycles, looking for a white seatpost collar to go along with it. And I don't think I'm going to run white bars after all, as I might switch to white grips, probably lock-ons, and a white saddle instead. I'm still very open to suggestions on that front. I've looked at both the Spec. Rival and Phenom saddles so far.

    I haven't ruled out the Crosstrails just yet but so far it's looking like I could get in the ballpark (weight and cost-wise) with Mavic 819s laced to Hope Pro II hubs.

    As much as I like the Accelerators (they are wicked cool looking, and fairly light) I think I'll swap them out for more conventional Wellgo MG-1s instead (in white of course). They're claimed to weigh 380g, which saves a little over the [claimed] 460g Accelerators and is a little lighter than the DMR V12 mags @ 434g. I've read the reviews and pretty much seems like a dead heat between the two. Anyone have any experience with either? Right now they're both retailing for $60.

    I'm still up in the air over the shifters/derailleur. The X.9 stuff seems to have gotten good reviews for ages, but the new XT stuff is getting good reviews too. Course that opens Pandora's box in regard to the age-old SRAM vs. Shimano debate.
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    You might also want to consider upgrading the Triad rear shock. I had an 04 Triad that I replaced with a Push tuned PR3. It made a fairly noticeable difference in both climbing and comfort. A lot less bobbing and it absorbed bumps better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berkley
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I haven't ruled out the Crosstrails just yet but so far it's looking like I could get in the ballpark (weight and cost-wise) with Mavic 819s laced to Hope Pro II hubs.

    The Hope set up may be a little more, but man look at it this way. With going with something like Hope or King, you will have a wheelset that will last you a long time. If your shooting for a good deal, shoot me a PM. I'll make you a hell of a deal on some Crossmax wheels. Also, Industry 9 makes a fine Hub. I have a buddy who swears by them.
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