I am new to mountain biking and am on my third month of riding. Background of myself, I'm 30, ride local trails in Oklahoma(XC), I am obsessing about riding everyday. Current bike was an entry level hard rock sport disc 29er. I have upgraded a couple things but am not investing any more cash because I am saving for a new bike.

Here's my dilemma. I will not be purchasing until prob February as I am saving to pay cash. I am currently contemplating 3 bikes.

1. Carve pro 29, price, components, are what pull me in / not a huge jump from what I have now IMO

2. Stump jumper Evo 29. This is prolly my first choice for a hard tail xc but for the price I feel that an entry level fsr would leave me no regrets.

3. Camber comp 29. Price not much diff from stump. Fsr which would be first full suspension. Could be content for a long time with minimal upgrades.

I should be content with a hard tail as we don't really have mountains in Oklahoma but I have the what if I ride outside of the state in my head. I know I have along time to decide but was just curious what others thought. My decision right now is camber comp 29 but that could change back to the stump. Either way a lot of money to me for something that's resell value is horrible. Thanks