I've already emailed Specialized this morning but they're 8 hours behind, so I thought I'd ask here as well....

My Stumpjumper frameset's at a framebuilder awaiting a respray and there is a query regarding the application of the decals.

This is a complete decal set for a 1996 steel frameset that was sent to me back in 1998. It's self adhesive. On the original 1996 Indigo Blue paint finish, the decals were silver and I think, shadowed, (though the replacements are black). They were also vey low profile and to the touch, flush under the clearcoat. My wife's 1996 Rockhopper is the same under the satin finish. In fact, if you look very closely, you can just see the edge of the decal, even though it's difficult to feel it.

On the last respray, the decals came back looking raised, as though they were vinyl repros and were lifting at the edges under the clearcoat. By chance, the sprayshop didn't put the chainstay decals on (because they said that it looked "too fussy") so I put them on myself over the clearcoat. I seem to remember installing the decal and then after 30 minutes or so, very carefully peeling back a layer to reveal a very thin decal underneath, which I don't think the sprayshop did. However, this was eight years ago and I could be wrong.

Can anyone confirm what the contents of the decal sheet is? I think that its: waxed paper, decal, applicator sheet, clear protective covering. It's important that I can tell the framebuilder, since I don't want a repeat of the last problem. However, since these decals seem to be very rare, I can't afford to have the framebuilder try and peel back a layer that isn't there.