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    Hi I'm building a demo up can anyone tell me what bolts i should not put grease on the threads and use thread lock instead?


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    need way more info.

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    Generally you don't want to lubricate the threads unless some sort of instruction specifically states to do so. I would blue Loctite suspension type fasteners, and crank pinch bolts, but pretty much everything else would be dry and clean.

    Some exceptions are spoke nipples generally like some lube for future adjust-ability. Bottom bracket threads may appreciate some sort of grease or anti-seize to eliminate creaks. Seatpost rail clamps sometimes need some grease. My SJ seatpost creaked like crazy until I greased the cones that adjust the angle of the seat.

    Using an accurate torque wrench at the proper torque values is important for a lot of fasteners on a bike because of the lightweight nature of the components. Particularly triple clamp pinch bolts, stem clamp, and handlebar clamp fasteners.

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