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    Float RL on Stumpjumper FSR

    The Float RL forks on Stumpjumper FSR Comps are set to 120mm travel and the aftermarket Floats are 130mm (06 models) or 140mm (07). How is the travel shortened to 120mm on those Stumpjumper forks? Is there some spacer that can be easily removed or do they have shorter damping rod or something like that?

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    Here are the instructions from the manual to make it 130mm:

    Travel on your FLOAT fork can be changed by rearranging the internal 10mm travel spacer. After changing travel, check the fork for proper operation before riding. If there is noticeable play in the fork or if it makes strange noises, disassemble the fork and check for complete number and correct orientation of spacers.

    The FLOAT120RL cannot be increased in travel beyond 130mm.

    Tools Required for Travel Change
    26mm 6-sided socket

    10mm socket

    Small screwdriver

    Torque wrench

    Oil drain pan

    Plastic-faced hammer

    Measuring container w/ cc or mL increments

    Supplies Required for Travel Change
    Learn how to use the FOX High Pressure Pump
    Supplies REQUIRED

    Part Number
    Part Name

    1 qt. bottle of FOX Suspension Fluid (7 wt.)

    5cc Pillow Pack of FOX FLOAT Fluid

    Crush washer

    32MM Cartridge Seal Kit (optional)

    Remove the blue air cap from the top of the left fork leg. Let the air out of the fork. Remove the left top cap with a 26mm socket 6-point socket wrench.

    Loosen the bottom nut 3-4 turns with a 10mm wrench. With a plastic mallet, gently tap the bottom of the shaft to disengage it from the lower leg. Allow oil to drain into a bucket. Remove the bottom nut and crush washer.

    Compress the fork as much as possible. The air piston will be visible about one inch below the top of the upper tube. Push the bottom of the air shaft upwards to push the air piston out of the top of the upper tube. Use a long, thin shaft screwdriver to push the bottom of the air shaft up through the hole in the bottom of the lower leg.

    Pull the air-shaft assembly from the fork. Refer to the drawings below and add or remove the appropriate number of 20mm spacer(s) to achieve the desired travel.

    Spacers snap onto the air shaft between the negative spring guide and topout plate, as shown in the travel spacer orientation drawing below.

    Lubricate the U-cup seal on the air piston with FOX FLOAT Fluid and re-install the air shaft assembly into the upper tube. Be sure to orient the U-cup seal as shown in the Seal Orientation drawing below.

    Push the shaft until it approaches the bottom hole of the fork. Do not push the shaft all the way through the bottom hole.

    Turn the fork upside down. Measure and pour 30cc of FOX Suspension Fluid through the bottom hole.

    Push the air shaft assembly up until the shaft comes through the bottom hole. Install the crush washer and bottom nut. Torque to 50 in-lbs.

    Turn the fork right side up. Pour 5cc of FOX FLOAT Fluid on top of the air piston.

    Lubricate the o-ring on the air topcap with FOX FLOAT Fluid.

    Re-install the topcap and torque to 165 in-lbs.

    Pump up the fork to the desired pressure and cycle it several times to check for proper operation.

    Re-install the blue air cap.

    You’re done. Go ride.
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    Great! Thank you very much!

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    New question here.

    Hello !

    I have a TREK FUEL EX 2007 with the fork Fox Float 130 RL.

    Does it mean I can put the travel to 140 ???


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    i have read some where that i might be able to mod my float 80 RL fork to a 100 RL "easily"? is 2 cm's worth the (easy) effort for my epic?

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    Good job! Float 80 RL to 100mm

    Hey Kshmir, I did that like two years ago to my F80RL on a 2002 Stumpy FSR and it was the best thing I've ever done to that bike!

    before I removed the spacer I was concerned with how it would affect the climbing capabilities of the bike, but it didn´t change the geometry that much, I don't miss the steeper HA for climbing and the bike just became more balanced.


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