I've got a stock '11 Epic and have been having issues with the derailleur. Could any mechanics or home mechanics please advise whether this is normal or whether something is seriously wrong.

I'm assuming it's a FD problem:

My derailleur shifts fine in the rear but shifting from the small front ring to the large front ring has been problematic. Sometimes it just won't shift up (rear is fine) - the shifter clicks and I can see the chain trying to move to the large ring but it fails.

Now, I've been through the many FD resources to try and adjust the derailleur. I've reset my hi-lows, tightened the cable via the barrel adjuster, but still no luck. I've cleaned my chain, checked for stiff links and am at a loss. The bike is relatively new.

The problem seems to happen the most when I'm in the larger rings at the back (say the back 3 rings). Is this what's referred to as crossing your chain? Anyhow, if I'm in the smaller back rings, then upshifting works more reliably.

So, my questionis, am I expecting too much from this bike? Is this normal behavior or is something wrong? If something's wrong, has anyone else had similar issues and managed to resolvethis? Have I missed something that I should check? (Yes, I will take this to the lbs, but would first like to try to fix myself)