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    Enduro suspension setup

    I would be very grateful if any Enduro riders would post info on their suspension setups.
    Air pressure, rebound adjustment and rider weight if possible.

    I have an 04 Expert that I am constantly tweaking.

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    Rider weight: about 195 with gear
    Air pressure: 180psi
    Rebound: A couple clicks slower than middle. Sorry can't remember how many clicks from full slow...
    Yeah baby!

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    grumpy northerner
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    Weight: 245
    Pressure: 230
    Rebound: Same as micke - couple of clicks slower than midway-ish.

    Caveat: I'm running an RP3 rather than the stock Float R (same stroke, slightly longer eye-to-eye).

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    are those rear shock settings?

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    grumpy northerner
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    Yeah - at least, I assume that's what the OP wanted...

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    I ride a 2002 Enduro and I have the rear shock set at 150 psi (I weigh 150) and I have the rebound around the middle.

    Front fork (Marzocchi MXC) I run at 50 psi in each leg.

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    I also ride an '04 Enduro Expert

    I also fiddle with the suspension settings. So I can't claim to have found the perfect mix, however, my current set up is about like this:

    rear float RL@160lbs damping at one click faster than center

    TALAS RL @75lbs damping centered (It feels less harsh with the damping slowed a bit, but handles better at speed with slightly faster rebound)

    In gear I'm about 185lbs.
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    04 Sworks Enduro

    Rider = 220
    Rear PSI 220
    Rebound is 3 clicks from full slow
    Talas 55 PSI
    Rebound is 6 clicks from full slow ( I think )

    Basicly I setup my PSI for 25% sag front and rear, and my rebound is setup up to be quick up front and a bit slow in the rear per the Fundamentals DVD. Seems to handle really well that way.

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    03 Enduro Pro setup...

    I have the 03 Enduro Pro with Marz All Mtn 1 130-150mm, Fox Float RL and BETD linkage plate.

    Rider weight: 180 lbs with gear
    Fork: 25psi (25% sag) at 150mm (All Mtn1 is a low pressure fork) (I ran the TALAS at 65 - 70 psi and 3 clicks from fastest rebound)
    Marz Fork Rebound: 5 clicks from fastest rebound
    Shock: 180psi w/ BETD link (6" travel), 160psi w/ stock link (25% sag) (5" travel)
    Shock Rebound: 5 clicks from fastest rebound

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    I have an 04 expert and I go by sag rather than pounds of pressure. I keep pumping till I have about .5 inches of sag (or about 25% of the stroke). For rebound I ride off a tall curb sitting down. As long as I only "bounce" once, then I know I'm good. I keep the rebound as fast as it goes without getting more than one "bounce" off a 10" curb.

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