I'm currently trying to gather a second set of parts for my 05 Enduro Elite Brain (the frame is the same as 04 models). I already have a RockShox Boxxer and a front wheel (Hope Bulb+DT spokes+Mavic rim) with 20 mm axis. The original shock is 195 mm (if I recall correctly). I was thinking of buying a Fox Vanilla (200 mm eye-to-eye) and a BETD linkage to increase the travel and to raise the BB.

https://www.betd.co.uk/product_list.asp?CategoryID=48 - Specialized Enduro 02 to 04 Linkage

The longer eye-to-eye length (->longer stroke) should also increase travel.

Any comments?
I know it won't make the Enduro a DH-bike, but it'll make it a nice trailbike for terrain with decents and drops.