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    Post Specialized Crosstrail Thoughts Here-----Based On Actual Experience.

    *300 + miles in, mixed terrain, 13' Crosstrail Sprt Disc.*
    ​adventure/tour, mtb frame-cross bike tires-tour gear 9/11-32/26,36,48, takes up to 2.2 front 2.0" rear 29'er mtb skins, heavy wheels = slow at climbs, very adaptable,configurable , versatile, tough-can take a hit, comfortable easy to stay in the saddle long, cheap simple low travel,low maint. coil fork add's a couple pounds but has use - fire roads,urban assault and allows much faster skinner tires than having 2.0" s aired down for suspension on rigid. the fork is simple & cheap but works well for these type bikes, trigger 38 tires are fine/fast, made it a 29er with mtb tires (photo garage) but it was a dog for adventure tour APB use with unless one was doing all single track, these bikes are basically how many early mtb'ers built a second all purpose travel/tour mtb in the old days to compliment there xc or dh specific bike, about 30#'s out of the box, there are many simular bikes on the market including down bars and/or ridged, four season bike, nice frame works/fab, good all around adventure tour trekking mtb...........much like the motorcycle enduro/dual sport/adventure class, like a certain 4x4 pick up trucks , capable (jeep/land rover) suv's, i suspect the longer i have it,the more miles trek'ed, the more crud and various habitat it goes through the more crap it hauls,,,,, the more i will come to appreciate it as a all around go getter. I have whoop'd on it pretty hard intentionally, via specialized warranty, single & dual track,gravel grinding,forest access / fire roads, urban assault,lt.tour packing,etc. .........rode it hard and put it away far so good.
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    Updated 9/03/2013 after more miles trekking various habitat, hauling more crap, whoop'n on it more and more configurations .

    Add your thoughts / photos,etc. to this thread..........if you actually own and ride many opinions floating about via people whom don't

    Enjoy the outdoors,

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    Of Interest To CT owners/Adventure Tour

    Adjusted/Modified Handle Bar - Type = riser XCM
    *Cut 7/8" each end
    * Rolled forward slightly
    *Flip'ed Stem

    A nice large factory bar to work with. I gave it a couple months trial and use before chop/shop dial in, for my preference.

    INTERESTING: The geometry of this bike and other manufacture's similar is Very similar to Salsa Fargo and new 2014 Specialized AwoL - adventure / tour / down bar mountain bike's.......Very Similar if you compare the geometry. The fargo steel fork is a match/swap, woodchopper bar's etc.

    I luv the new 2014 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AwoL Comp,,,,,,,,,,,wish my LBS had it two months ago

    Enjoy the outdoors
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    Update @ approx. 400 miles mixed terrain.

    1) Myth - "wheel weight of CT" - The 2013 CT SD has wheel's mfg'ed by this very reputable company
    I believe the rims are the DXT-116 for XC/Tour. I believe the total weight front and rear to be about 1900g. They are a durable/DW wheel and imo a very good choice for a Bike Packing/Adventure Tour / APB. Some early reports suggest substantially more wheel weight. Maybe early models were?
    * The rims measure 18mm high / 24mm outer wide. Ideal tire size range based on the "1.5 -2 times" rule of thumb is 36mm to 48mm. Ideal cross / monster cross / gravel / ATB size imo.
    * I may go Stans tubeless kit soon.

    2) The 2013 CT SD is approx. 29 #'s. One area it lacks is climbing via weight. Yet, for the purpose of this bike, imo it has sturdy wheel set, of expectable weight per purpose, from a reputable mfg'er

    3) Another contributor to weight, climbing is the SA Suntour Nexi Suspension Fork. My research (SA Suntour online catalog ) show's this suspension. fork to be 2300g / 5# 1oz (nearly 5#'s even) .
    The sus forks work's quite well for intended purpose (trekking,tour,bike pack,fire-forest service road) I have taken it apart and imo it is Low maint. The issue besides weight is no oil dampening.
    Option : If one were to swap out the sus. fork for a Salsa Fargo V2 CroMoly rigid fork the weight savings would be 2 1/2#'s (2#'s 9oz exact). The Salsa fork weighs 1158g / 2# 8oz (2 1/2#'s) by their website stats. Price of fork about $130.
    Option 2 : A carbon MTB fork such as Orgin 8 , Niner. This would take the # savings to over 3 1/2#'s = substantial.
    The sus fork does o.k. on singles hit impacts and very mild trail, urban side walks,curbs,etc. Anything in-between (the big area) the rebound is to fast, making the ride Worst. I would have preferred Specialized simply put a cro/mo rigid fork on the CT. But, they are following suit as all large companies have the same cheap S.F. on their similar bikes.

    4) I like the Handle bars and like mine cut 7/8" each end. They are nice tour/ATB bars that allow up to 3 hand position's with bar ends. I have sense rolled them back a bit with less rear sweep.......nice. The specialized bar ends are REALLY nice. Over all I like these XCM bars/choice for this bike (sport disc).

    To be continued.............
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    @ 500 miles
    Mutating the dual sport / cross trail class into a Renegade.....

    Added - Origin 8 Lever 2, Black Ops, Carbon Fork - This took the strip'ed bike with peddles weight to 25.5#'s / large frame. Ditched (boxed) the SA Suntour NEXi suspension fork = it was not worth it's weight.

    Added - Specialized Renegade Control 2bliss 1.8" / 46mm (still with tubes at this point). First purchased and used as a front only with a 1.5"/38mm Trigger rear. Liked it (Renegade) so much = added rear. Two tire system with 38 Triggers but, will leave the Renegades on the majority.

    Shown with mud guards and in utility mode - rain and snow have started here.

    This bike has mutated into a Fargo/Orge type at a value price and lacks nothing as compared imo - The dual sport/cross trail class bikes are easily modified , versatile and represent good value for those of us sending children through college = save now young parents LOL

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    I like this build.


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