Hi, I've searched for the last 30 mins in this forum but couldn't find this info.
I'm looking to fit a fork with a 20mm through axle on my 2009 Enduro Expert, which came with a 15mm Hi-Lo hub.
If I remove the two reducers on the sides of the hub, the hole that I find is about 20mm wide. My guess is that with two spacers, one on each side, I should be able to fit the hub on a 20mm axle, right? The only downside would be that everytime I remove the wheel, the spacers would fall off, because they don't enter the hub hole - they'd be basically like thick washers.

Anybody has done this? I don't want change the front hub (I wouldn't like to have unmatching hubs) and I don't have the cash for a pair of new wheels, but I really want to try the stiffness of a 160mm 36 fork and ditch this old 32 Talas which moves more by flexing than by sliding.


PS: anybody know what "hi-lo" means for Specialized hubs? do they have any special feature that warrants such a name?