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    New question here. Can I possibly fit a XL Specialized Epic? I'm 6'

    I can get a good deal on a XL sized Epic from a friend. He is taller than me and I'm wondering if there is any way I can make the bike fit/work for me. Is there sizing info anywhere online for Specialized bikes? I can't find any.

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    Doubtful. The geometry charts are on the Specialized site.

    A poor fit is a bad deal no matter the price.
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    I'm 6'2" and after getting a new XL Stumpjumper I realized my L Epic is too small for me. I now find it extremely uncomfortable to ride. Try the bike. If it is too big then you can buy mine

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    I'm 5'11" and have a XL Stumpy, and replaced the 110mm stem for a 75mm and it works fine.... I don't know how the Stumpjumper sizing compares to the Epics'.... It might work, or it might not, could you test ride it?

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    Test ride for sure.
    I am 6 foot even and demo’d a large Epic Comp last year, it was completely stock.
    My current rides are a large (19) Slayer and Kula Deluxe.
    The Epic had a relatively short stem, and the cockpit felt very cramped to me.
    You might be able to pull it off, especially if you have longer than average legs (I don’t).
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    Forgot to say... I did demo a Large epic when I bought my Stumpy... I prefered how the XL Stumpjumper felt, but the epic wasn't bad... I tried a L stumpy and it felt short....

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    I'm 6' and ride a L Epic. I definately couldn't and wouldn't want to be on an XL and try and move the thing around. The L is perfect for me.

    That said, the other posters are absolutely correct: get yourself down to a Specialized dealer and try one out. Demo one for a day and take it on familiar trails if at all possible. Then make your choice. Most places I've demo'd from will let you swap bikes at half day for the same price.
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    I'm 6'2"+ with a 35" inseam and ride a 22"/XL Trance, but feel a 20"/L could also work for me, more so on tight twisty type trails. I think the XL is a comfortable size for me and makes long rides and DHs easier and more fun. Try to get a test ride of it or at least of someones XL bike.
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