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    Camber EVO conversion

    Can I convert a standard 2013 camber to an evo model? I picked up a fox 34 29er on sale and was wondering if I can upgrade the rear suspension to the evo geometry as well?

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    It looks like the Evo gains it's extra travel by using a 197x51 shock vs. the 197x48 shock the standard model has. The 26" Stumpjumper also uses a 197x51 shock, so there are several options available.
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    From what I was told for my stumpy 26 you only need evo link. For the 29er stumpys you need evo link and chainstay. So I would assume you need same for 29er camber.

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    Did any of you guys get a straight answer on this? I'm also interested in converting a regular 2014 Camber to an Evo...


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