Hi all,

With Randall Scott's sale going on recently I've found the Azure Comp to be comparable price wise to a FSR XC Expert I've seen in a local store. The FSR is $100 more, at $1500, though. Looking from a pure component stand point, the Azure seems to have the step up with Fox floats in the rear. I couldn't seem to find weight figures quoted for either bike, however. (for 17") Iron Horse lists the 19" at 28.3lbs, so I presume the 17" should be a bit lighter. Any numbers for the FSR?

Off the bat it seems like the Azure seems to be the favorite here - Is there an x-factor somewhere here that I should be aware of? What about the frame design? I know IH touts the DW link. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

ps. I've posted this in the IH forum as well, as I'd like feedback from both sides of the fence. thanks!