I lost my pump today - I suspect it fell off when I was driving with the bike attached to the rear rack. The pump was mounted alongside the bottle cage. I recall at some point a car behind me flashing me with their headlights, which I now suspect meant to alert me to the pump falling off my bike.

Anyhow I wanted to look at small pump options - small enough to fit into a medium/large saddle bag. Some googling showed a Topeak mini pump that's only 16cm long, but being a road pump, it means you'll be pumping for a while on high volume tubes. I then came upon the Specialized MTB Airtools. There was a mini version and a Flex version, both of which are described as being very small and, judging by the pictures, look small. Unfortunately (and I hate it when companies aren't clear with info) the big S website doesn't have the specs for these pumps (how hard is it to list length and weight?).

So does anyone have the Airtools? Specifically one of the "mini" ones? How long are they and would they fit into a saddle bag?