Anyone tried this yet? Have Roval Traverse SL wheels and would like to use them with 2.6 tires on the new Levo, which is coming any day now. Would sell the stock 27.5 x 2.8 alum. wheelset as new bike take-off.
Had to transition from sweet custom Stumpy build to Levo in order to help bilateral hip replacements last as long as possible.
My surgeon actually rides with me and says that they will only last 10 yrs at most as aggressively as I ride uphill. Rats. Love that 24 1/2 pound stumpy fsr with a 160 mm pike fork w/ 2.35 rubber. Turning out to be a tough adjustment. At least the levo should be a blast downhill still. May have to go to 160 mm with the fork though.
I'm pretty tall and want to preserve the roll over advantage of 29" on our usually wet/greasy, off camber, rooty/rocky trails. The 29 x 2.6 wheels would gain 3/4-1" in total diameter over the stock 27.5 x 2.8 wheels, which is significant for our slick as sh**e black diamond downhill sections. Just want to make sure they'll fit with room to spare. Thanks.